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Adapt or Die. Introducing Amerigun™

The past, present and future of the OR2A Swag Shop™, Oregunian® and other related brands. Introducing Amerigun™!

The Oregunian® brand and the OR2A Swag Shop were launched in 2014 and immediately received great customer feedback. Listening to our customers and implementing some of their ideas allowed us to grow much larger than we ever anticipated. We’ve continued to receive feedback, questions and product suggestions over the years and have had hundreds of people ask about products that represent different States. Those discussions, and a suggestion from a friend lead the 2016 launch of our  AR15ONA™ brand and got the wheels spinning  for other State specific product lines. As we began developing new designs, it became obvious how overwhelming and financially burdensome it would be to run everything as separate websites and businesses. This got us thinking about a National brand we could slowly roll out and bring all the States together under one umbrella.

Amerigun™ MSR Logo Right
Amerigun™ MSR Logo Right

In December of 2017, we designed the Amerigun™ MSR Logo. About that same time, the OR2A Swag Shop™ was picking up speed with a busy event schedule and the Amerigun™ dream was put on the back burner.  We’ve also struggled with how to roll Amerigun™ out and not discount our Oregon roots.

In January of 2020, we ordered enough product to supply our event inventory needs through late Spring/early Summer. We picked our inventory up the first of February and according to the terms we had with our screen printer, we had 30 days to pay it all off. The run of February Sportsmen’s shows were great and come the first of March, we emptied our bank account to cover this debt. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Covid caused the shut down of all events leaving us with no money in the bank,  additional debts to cover, tons of inventory on hand and no events to sell it at.

At first we decided to offer show/event pricing online. That helped a little for the first couple of months but online sales are nowhere near as high as event sales. Although we could almost cover our basic bills, we couldn’t reinvest into the company. With minimum quantities required for printing and no event sales to guarantee we could meet our terms, we’ve been unable to order new inventory to fill the gaps as sizes and designs slowly sold out. Here we are a year later and still have some of the inventory that should have been sold by last June. Our sales for 2020 were down roughly 80% and between lack of stock and events, sales continue to dwindle.

We were in a very tough situation when we launched Oregunian®. At the time we had a single t-shirt, some “Dad hats” and a couple of decals. It took about two years of grinding before the business gained any significant traction. We’ve busted our asses to build this company and where most people would have likely walked away by now, we refuse to give up! Sometimes however, you have to go back to your roots to rebuild and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Amerigun™ Flag Logo Right
Amerigun™ Flag Logo Right

Moving forward, all of our clothing will feature our Amerigun™  Flag logo on the right sleeve whenever possible and other locations where appropriate. Not only will we continue to offer products for Oregunian’s® but we’re also bringing on 2A merchandize for every other State. We’ve developed names for some of the other State products like Washingun™ and so forth. Each of these States will be introduced over time as we rebuild from the ground up.

The first product to feature this new Amerigun™ Flag printed on the right shoulder is an updated version of our most popular hoodie ever. As you can see from the product listing below, we’ve replaced the previous URL with the new hotness.

With the future of events uncertain, we need to find a way to stabilize the business. Our hope is that by adapting our current business model, we can bring like products to other areas and build a new and even stronger brand while keeping true to our customer base. We’re going to focus on web sales using our Affiliate Program and also hope to bring on more retailers with our Wholesale opportunities.

We’d like to thank you for your patience, dedication and support. Without our customers, none of this would be possible.

Much love,
Dom & Matt