OR2A™ Logo Decal

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5″ Wide Vinyl Cut Decal

Discretely show your support of firearms and your Oregun™ 2A (2nd Amendment) spirit by sporting this sticky goodness on your vehicle window!

Each OR2A™ logo decal is a single decal in the color of your choice. Color swatch is approximate of colors offered. Not all colors available on all designs.

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99 reviews for OR2A™ Logo Decal

  1. Jeff Eichstadt (verified owner)

    Looked great

  2. Jeff Eichstadt (verified owner)

    Looked great

  3. Stephen Cohen (verified owner)

    Great cause! Great products! Fast shipping! What else could you ask for?

  4. Todd Miller (verified owner)

    Awesome love my decal!

  5. Zach Peck (verified owner)

    It stuck

  6. kyle loser (verified owner)

    Great sticker

  7. Joshua Keyser (verified owner)

    I love this decal. Looks great, and very durable. Been on my truck for a few months and still looks brand new.

  8. mary york (verified owner)

    Same as above. You also contacted me by phone to let me know one of my items was no longer available, which I appreciated.

  9. michael Hoffee (verified owner)

    Love my sticker

  10. Jeffrey Garlock (verified owner)

    Crisply cut decal, good visibility in orange.

  11. Michele (verified owner)

  12. Craig Z. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and easy to apply.

  13. Matt (verified owner)

    High quality decals.

  14. Johnathan L. (verified owner)

    Quality decals with crisp lines.

  15. Mike Setness (verified owner)

  16. John Green (verified owner)

  17. Justin (verified owner)

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love the decals!

  19. Lori (verified owner)

    You guys are awesome !

  20. Scott A. (verified owner)

  21. Frank (verified owner)

    Very high quality sticker, just make you get the small letters off, they don’t always come off on the application layer.

    • OR2A Swag Shop (store manager)

      Frank brings up a good point. Vinyl decals in general can have some issues. On the back of our business card you will find some “Application Tips” that cover this topic and some others. We include our business card with every shipped order and usually every decal we sell in person.

      Application Tips

  22. Jacinto (verified owner)

    I loved the decals . Purchased one for my work truck and one for my hooptie and they look great

  23. Michael Raby (verified owner)


  24. Edward Jensen (verified owner)

  25. Frank (verified owner)

  26. Ed R. (verified owner)

  27. John C. (verified owner)

    Received my decal in 2 days and was easy to apply! Had several people ask me where I got it from. And directed them here, thanks again!

  28. Edward Jensen (verified owner)

  29. Rob F. (verified owner)

    Looks great, love the stickers, proudly displayed on my truck

  30. Carmen V. (verified owner)

  31. Aaron (verified owner)

  32. Brian Thompson (verified owner)

    Superior Quality. 👍👍

  33. Debera H. (verified owner)

    Plan on putting it on my motorcycle helmet.

  34. Gail Hunter (verified owner)

  35. Paul Ruschman (verified owner)

    LOVE this shop. Customer service is FIRST rate, personable, professional, prompt, above and beyond. Stickers I bought are great, will be ordering a lot more soon. Thank you Matt and Dominique.

  36. Paul Ruschman (verified owner)

    Johnny on the spot! Right now shipping, incredible customer service, They genuinely care about the customers. Thank you OR2A.

  37. Jon Thiebes (verified owner)

  38. alex f. (verified owner)

  39. Michael Boland (verified owner)

    Great! my car loves it

  40. Justin (verified owner)

  41. Dan (verified owner)

  42. Michael Parsons (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly, just as advertised. A little difficult separating the decal from its backing, but once figured out, went on smoothly and looks Great.

  43. Michael Hoffee (verified owner)

  44. Jennifer S. (verified owner)

    Looks exactly as advertised.

  45. Robert B. (verified owner)

    Looks great on my truck. Went on no problem. Withstood some hot sun and washes with no fading or peeling. Would buy again.

  46. Bryce D. (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these (different colors) for a couple of my vehicles to wear proudly!

  47. Edward B. (verified owner)

    The decals are excellent in all, great color, thickness and the cutout with backing paper all came off easily and the decals now live proudly on my car. Thanks for a great product!

  48. Ben Atkeson (verified owner)

    Quality transfer paper. No issues putting it on.

  49. Heather Kunz (verified owner)

  50. Brandy Sikes (verified owner)

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

  52. Latisha (verified owner)

  53. Linda (verified owner)

    Arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. I was just surprised it was small enough to put in a business envelope; but I hadn’t paid attention to the size, so that’s on me.

  54. Dan Horine (verified owner)

  55. John R. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be more satisfied with the decals or more proud to display them. Thank you!

  56. Kelley (verified owner)

    Easy to apply and looks great!

  57. Carl M. (verified owner)

    Love it

  58. Jose Espinoza (verified owner)

    We love it, easy to apply, looks good.

  59. Robert S. (verified owner)

  60. Katrina (verified owner)

    Ordered two. One went on window like it was supposed to. The other did not. But would order again.

    • OR2A Swag Shop (store manager)

      Hi Katrina,

      I’ve emailed you to see about replacing that decal for you. Looking forward to your reply.

  61. Clinton (verified owner)

    Great quality products!!

  62. Dyan (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 of these. One for each vehicle. I’ve only put one on so far and it was very easy to do. It looks good and I’m proud to display it.

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)

  64. Anthony Marquez (verified owner)

    Love it

  65. Lorna apperson (verified owner)


  66. Shawnte Savio (verified owner)

    Love the decal. Quality is great. Will be buying more products.

  67. JEFF L. (verified owner)

  68. Shane Hartley (verified owner)

  69. John Buell (verified owner)

    So popular it was on backorder so it took a while to get. But looks great on my truck.

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

  71. Leo P. (verified owner)

    Quality is always amazing, will keep buying more from you guys

  72. Samuel B. (verified owner)

    Decal looks great, well done OR2A!

  73. Mark G. (verified owner)

  74. David Gravdahl (verified owner)

  75. Ryan Brown (verified owner)

    Love it. Discussion starter for sure!!!

  76. Mary Holt (verified owner)

  77. Katie M. (verified owner)

  78. James (verified owner)

    I support 2A…

  79. Alex D. (verified owner)

    Exactly as expected. Quality as far as decals go and all of the ones I have had, have held up as long as I keep the vehicle.

  80. Kyle (verified owner)

    Hi quality. Now have one on both my vehicles.

  81. Terry (verified owner)

    Great quality.

  82. Janice M. (verified owner)

    It’s just great.

  83. Mitchell Robison (verified owner)

    Low profile way to support the 2A community in Oregon.

  84. Josh H. (verified owner)

    Great product

  85. Jamie Matticks (verified owner)

    amazing color and size for my application.

  86. Janice Searls (verified owner)


  87. Wes K. (verified owner)

    The third sticker I have gotten and I proudly display them all. Great product and great service. Would give more stars if available!!!!

  88. Samantha Brown (verified owner)

    Silver matches Toyota. Love it.

  89. Kyndra M. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  90. Stephen jackson (verified owner)

    Great product

  91. Frank Skeels (verified owner)

    Love it

  92. Aaron Hofferber (verified owner)

    Nice vinyl.. sticks well!

  93. Candy (verified owner)

    Awesome color! Great decal!!

  94. Kymberlea Hansen (verified owner)

    Bought this for myself, and I love it.

  95. Jessie T. (verified owner)

    No complaints, love! Bought before,, will buy again! Got a new car so definitely wanted my decals back. Super fast shipping

  96. P. Snow (verified owner)

    Looks great on my truck! Very proud to use it. Thank you!

  97. Donald M. (verified owner)

    Great 👍!

  98. Matthew Reynolds (verified owner)

    Great product!!! Will buy more

  99. Chris Lawrence (verified owner)

    Had this on my suburban until the window broke. Installed the new window and put this sticker back on the suburban.

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