Oregunian® Youth Hoodie


No, we WILL NOT be getting more of these in.

This Oregunian® Youth Hoodie is meant to compliment our line of Patriot Edition products. Our Oregunian® Patriot Edition line is a Limited Edition series featuring a new design that doesn’t include any firearms. While the United States Supreme Court has made it perfectly clear that schools may not impose a dress code that violates First Amendment rights (1960  Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District), many of our customers prefer to not “rock the boat.” We’ve also received feedback that not all work places allow our designs that include firearms. Some of our products are designed to ruffle feathers, this one in not.

This 2019 edition is Heathered Navy blue with white ink.

Please be sure you’re ordering the correct size. Per our TOS, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges.



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